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Meet our specialist HBCF team

Eligibility team

Our Eligibility team is responsible for assisting you with initial eligibility applications and ongoing eligibility reviews, as well as attending to your general queries about the HBCF.

We are committed to providing you with a comprehensive service, to ensure that all eligibility reviews are actioned within our own service standards and inline with the requirements of icare.

Our recruitment for eligibility personnel focuses on financial literacy and experience, rather than just a general insurance background. We seek degree qualified, skilled professionals with experience in insolvency, accounting and finance. This allows us to have effective conversations with you and your appointed accountants or financial advisors, so that we achieve quality and realistic outcomes for you.

We take a proactive approach that often involves an education element (for you and your accountant or financial advisor) to ensure you understand the HBCF process. We advise how you can position your business to balance your responsibilities under the HBCF Scheme and your future plans for your business.

Job Specific team

Our Job Specific team is responsible for issuing manual certificates for job specific applications, as well as processing amendments and cancellations of existing certificates.

This team will be your first port of call in educating and transacting within the new icare HBCF online portal. Whether you choose to submit your certificate application online or like the comfort of us producing the certificate for you, our Job Specific team are perfectly placed to support you from application through to production of a certificate.

At present, MBAIS maintains a turnaround time for processing manual job specific applications of 48 hours (2 business days), however in most cases (75% of the time) our response time is within 24 hours.

In the event additional information is required from you with respect to a job specific application, you will be contacted from a member of the Job Specific team.


gillian wright

Gillian Wright

National Home Warranty Manager

Ph: 03 9411 4530

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Sonia Kerr

National Home Warranty Operations Manager

Ph: 03 8673 0370


daniel vine

Daniel Vine

Senior Account Executive

Ph: 02 8586 3566

blank user2

Jayne Cornwell

Account Executive

Ph: 02 4979 0110

kirra parr

Kirra Lee Parr

Account Executive

Ph: 02 9296 6608

blank user2

Gabby Pike

Account Executive

Ph: 02 9296 6608

rob bovaird

Rob Bovaird

Senior Account Executive

Ph: 03 8673 0319

damien vuliovic

Damien Vulinovic

Senior Account Executive

Ph: 03 8412 9404

kevin goh

Kevin Goh

Account Executive

Ph: 03 9411 4510

Shina Ahmed

Shina Ahmed

Assistant Account Executive

Ph: 03 8412 9403

Job Certificates

chitra sharma

Chitra Sharma

Assistant Team Leader

Ph: 03 8673 0318

cindy christou

Cindy Christou

Senior Administration Officer

Ph: 9411 4519

Derrick Boon2

Derrick Boon

Administration Officer

Ph: 03 8412 9410

brett payne

Brett Payne

Administration Officer

Larisa Nuutinen

Larisa Nuutinen

Administration Officer